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Denisse Riddle

Licensed Insurance Agent
Marketing Director

Denisse Riddle is a woman of faith, she attended Victory Church in Lakeland and prayed that she would meet her future husband there. In 2016 the love of her life sat right behind her just as she asked the Lord for the right husband. He decided she was the one and married her in 2017 forming a beautiful, blended family with 5 kids. About a year later Denisse noticed how much Steve enjoyed his job as a Health Insurance Agent with United Healthcare and the opportunities this career could bring to help people in the community. Together they decided it was time to leave her job and form “The Riddle Family Insurance.”

Denisse Riddle | Riddle Family Insurance

Short Biography

Denisse began her career as an insurance agent back in 2000 as an independent agent with Aflac in Puerto Rico. However, she left her career for a time in her life to dedicate herself to her family. Later, some unexpected events in life brought her to start from nothing again as a single mom with 4 girls moving to the great state of Florida. In 2014 she landed a job as an assistant manager for Hobby Lobby in Lakeland Florida and four years later she re-licensed for the state of Florida. Since then, she has been working as an independent insurance agent, starting with United Healthcare and as a co-owner of “The Riddle Family Insurance” where they offer multiple services.

In addition to being a business owner, Denisse is active as a board member of Aspire and an ambassador with The Great Chamber of Commerce in Plant City. If you are in love with Plant City like she is, you will probably see her working and volunteering in many events or playing tennis at the Plant City Tennis Courts.

Areas of Expertise

When Denisse started with United Healthcare, she was mainly helping Hispanic seniors. Even though she is fluent in both languages, the demand for Hispanics moving to the area kept her busy. Since then, she has worked with Hispanic low-income seniors and their families. As she worked with all Medicaid applications, she discovered that every case was different, and she thoroughly learned the different ways to keep all the family covered including those that are self-employed or own small businesses.