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Steven Riddle

Licensed Insurance Agent
Agent Manager

Steven Riddle is a very fun person to be around, especially when you bring up some of his favorite conversational topics, like tennis and God.  He is a family man and enjoys being around the family; he brought his wife and daughter into sharing the same career and shares his office with his mom “Darla.” Steve is a Rotarian and always eager to be involved in the Plant City Community and looks forward to serving the community for many years to come.

Short Biography

Steven moved to Plant City with his parents and sister at the young age of 11 years old. His father, “Walter Riddle” relocated his business from Texas and established a permanent location on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Plant City, which Steven has had his office since 1998. Steven enjoyed learning and working with his dad in many areas of entrepreneurship and in 2013 he established his Medicare Insurance Career.

Steven started his career as an Independent Career Agent with United Healthcare and his very first spot to be seen was the Wellmed office in Plant City and the Strawberry Cruise in Downtown Plant City. He faithfully set up tables at these locations and now he enjoys a great relationship with Wellmed and the Chamber of Commerce. Little by little Steven has helped the community with their Medicare and Medicaid needs and over time he has helped thousands of Plant City residents. Now, he continues to grow his relationship with doctors and has a vast knowledge of the medical care industry.

Areas of Expertise

As Steven’s years of experience has passed, he thrives when a client is turning 65 or retiring from their job. He knows exactly where the starting point is and guides them from beginning to end until the point of completion; whether that is to stay with the plan they already have or start their Medicare Part B. Many employees from Mosaic, Hillsborough and Polk County Schools, Publix, and other major employers have chosen him for the same reason.