Individual Employee Benefits

According to the KFF survey, the average premium costs are $20, 576 per year for family coverage and 7,188 per year for single coverage. KFF also notes that employers, on average, contribute around $14,561 and $5,946 to those premiums.

Of course, these are just the averages. Costs of Health Insurance can go up and down depending on several factors, like group size, age, or usage. Small businesses struggle every year more and more as these rates rapidly increase.

Do you have to offer Group Health Insurance?

Small businesses with less than 50 employees do not necessarily have to offer Group Insurance, still, it can be a great idea. However, with the changes made by the American Rescue Plan where no American will pay more than 8.5 % of their household income for Health Insurance more Americans qualify for discounts. Business owners are now opting for Reimbursement Models rather than going for traditional Group Insurance with higher costs. Businesses prefer to offer HRAs that coordinate with their premium tax credit and reimburse employees’ medical expenses.

Advantages of Individual Health for Employees


According to KFF Traditional Group Insurance Rates have increased 22% over the last 5 years and  55% over the last 10 years. Small Business rates are typically higher than large businesses and have annual rate hikes at renewal time. Individual Health Policies, on the other hand, now are generally more affordable.

More Choices

Employees get to choose their own individual plan that works best for them They don’t have to be forced into a one size plan where they don’t have a say on premium, deductibles, copay, or network.


Group Health plans are full of requirements that are difficult for small or large organizations. Opting for individual coverage or reimbursement for your employees keeps you from having to follow these strict requirements and allows you to create a better package that you can afford.

At The Riddle Family Insurance, we help you design and manage an accurate package for your employee’s needs! Packages will follow the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Reform Compliance. Our company will ensure that all communication required is sent and will offer one-to-one service and guidance to the employees.

Our Goal

Helping You Find The Coverage That Works

Choosing health insurance is a major decision, we want to help make sure you enroll in the Medicare or Health Plan you need and are happy with.