Dental and Vision

None of us actually look forward to a visit with the dentist, at best we are just “ok” with it. The truth is that by not visiting the dentist regularly the increase of potential dental health problems is much higher and could result in needing significantly more treatment when finally deciding to go to the dentist.

Dental & Vision InsuranceSince there are a large number of dental plans in Florida there is no excuse to not being covered. The best time to enroll in any of these plans is when preventative treatment only is needed. Most of these plans have a waiting period and will cover major treatment after the second year you have been enrolled in the same plan. Unfortunately, if you wait to begin looking for a plan, at the time comprehensive treatment is needed, the options and coverage for the treatment can be very limited. The Marketplace has very affordable plans for individuals and families and there are individual plans starting at around $20 per month

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Dental & Vision InsuranceWhen it comes to vision, education plays an important role in your coverage decision. Most major medical plans cover the services of an ophthalmologist, for example these services are cataract surgeries, retina issues, etc. and can do everything optometrist do. However, the optometrist specializes in eye vision care and will help you with contact lenses, eyeglasses, diagnose some eye conditions and can diagnose some other conditions.

Typically, it  is more convenient to include your vision with your major medical coverage although there many options in the market for you.

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